The Mayfair Files

A project to build a complete archive

of the Mayfair Girls, 1970-1990


Remember Mayfair? Remember Mayfair in the old days? Remember Mayfair before

Paul Raymond got hold of it? If you do, then this is the place. You thought it was lost

forever, but the phoenix rises from the ashes! Good old skybluepink built it, now

restoration201 has rebuilt it! The Mayfair Files is here to bring all those girls back.

Other sites give you a taste, a summary, a glimpse. This one goes the whole way.

We give you ALL the girls, ALL the pics. Its a group effort - contributions from all

over. And it is a huge task but now all is complete. All the pics for the 1476 girls

from 1972-1990 are here, with most of 1970 and 1971 too.

So if you are over 18, like what you hear, and understand that means pictures of

naked ladies, ENTER now and enjoy. If not, please leave now.